Unveiling Airbnb Listing Prices: Insights from Tourix’s Research at the Eighth International Conference on Tourism & Leisure Studies

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We recently had the amazing opportunity to participate in the Eighth International Conference on Tourism & Leisure Studies held in Granada, Spain. We were thrilled to present our latest research titled “Price Determinants of Airbnb Listings: A Study of Listings from Four Greek Regions.” Let’s dive into the exciting highlights of the conference!


Conference Overview:

The Eighth International Conference on Tourism & Leisure Studies was a gathering of minds, aimed at exploring the fascinating world of tourism and leisure. Hosted by the Tourism & Leisure Studies Research Network, this conference embraced the theme of post-pandemic tourism transformations. It encompassed various areas of interest, including the changing dimensions of contemporary tourism and leisure, the role of tourism and leisure industries, and critical issues within the field.




Our Research Focus:

At Tourix, we dived into the realm of Airbnb listings and their pricing strategies. Our research focused on analyzing data from four Greek regions to uncover the factors that influence vacation rental prices. We were eager to understand how the post-pandemic context shapes pricing decisions in the ever-evolving tourism industry. The research shed light on the dynamics of contemporary tourism and leisure practices. By delving into a comprehensive dataset, we discovered the key determinants that drive pricing strategies for Airbnb hosts. Armed with these valuable insights, industry professionals can make informed decisions and tailor their approaches to meet the needs of their target audience. By sharing our research findings, we sparked collaboration and dialogue among fellow researchers and organizations.

The conference was a hub of knowledge and insights, offering a wide range of research topics within the tourism and leisure industry. We were captivated by several research endeavors that expanded our understanding and provided valuable insights.


One study that caught our attention was focused on the role of tourist national culture in customer brand engagement through online co-creation with hotel and travel websites. It highlighted the influence of cultural factors on tourists’ perceptions and interactions with brands in the digital space. Understanding these dynamics can help marketers tailor their strategies to resonate with different cultural contexts.


Another thought-provoking research project explored the impacts of climate change on tourism in the post-pandemic era, with a specific focus on the Andalusia region in Spain. It shed light on the transformations brought about by climate change and offered insights into how destinations can adapt and implement sustainable measures to ensure the long-term viability of their tourism industry.

We were also intrigued by a study that delved into co-designing smart tourism experiences for the hotel industry in the post-pandemic era. It explored the integration of technology and personalized services to enhance guest experiences, optimize operational efficiency, and create a safe and engaging environment for travelers through data mining. Such innovative approaches have the potential to reshape the future of hospitality.





Additionally, we learned about sustainable tourism trends based on the principles of the experience economy. This research emphasized the importance of incorporating experiential elements into tourism offerings while ensuring the preservation of natural and cultural heritage. It underscored the significance of sustainable planning and management for the benefit of present and future generations.





As the conference drew to a close, we had the opportunity to visit the Office of the Tourism Board, where we attended a presentation by the Granada Tourism Board. The presentation, titled “Governance, and Institutional and Economic Relations of the Tourism Board of Granada” provided valuable insights into the strategies and collaborations that contribute to the success of the tourism board in Granada. We learned about their efforts to foster sustainable tourism projects and support local tourism companies, underscoring the importance of collaboration between public and private entities in driving tourism development.





Furthermore, the conference provided us with a wealth of information about the University of Granada, showcasing its contributions to the tourism and leisure field through research, education, and innovation. Additionally, we had the pleasure of experiencing a guided visit to Granada City Center, immersing ourselves in this enchanting city’s rich cultural and historical heritage. The closing reception, infused with the local experience, offered a delightful opportunity to network and engage with fellow participants, further strengthening professional connections and fostering a sense of companionship.




Overall, our participation in the Eighth International Conference on Tourism & Leisure Studies not only allowed us to present our own research on price determinants of Airbnb listings but also exposed us to a plethora of valuable research projects and insights from esteemed colleagues and organizations. It was an enriching experience that broadened our perspectives, deepened our understanding of the tourism industry, and fostered collaborations that will continue to drive innovation and excellence in our work at Tourix.





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