How to Improve Customer Loyalty With Social Media

Are you looking for meaningful ways to nurture the relationship with your customers? Or perhaps, are you looking for ways to attract new customers and generate more fans and followers? has recently published a five-step plan to help businesses and brands boost their customer loyalty with social media.

Step 1: Listen to Customers

Social media listening and monitoring are very important tools to use when thinking about customer retention. Currently, there are many social media listening / monitoring tools, either for free or with a monthly subscription fee, that help you find out where your customers congregate on social media, which of your products or services talk about the most, what types of content they like the most and whether they have any complaints or feedback regarding your brand.

For instance, in the following tweet, a customer comments on his latest Levi’s purchase and makes sure to mention the brand and tag it with the hashtag #Commuter


Step 2: Outline an Engagement Plan

Outlining and preparing an engagement plan is equally important in growing customer relationships. This is where you have to proactively provide the value that your customers seek based on your social media listening. As you deepen customer relationships and their loyalty trust grows, a cycle begins where customers provide feedback, and you fine-tune the services and value you provide, thus creating or re-polishing your engagement plan is of outmost importance.

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